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Symphonic Band

Conductor:    Mr CHIU Kai Keung

The Symphonic Band was awarded the First Prize in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in 2017.

The Symphonic Band was established in 2001 following the endowment of the Quality Education Fund. It now has more than 70 members from Form 1 to Form 5. Through regular practices, band members have built up a sense of achievement and collaboration.

Thanks to the inspiraton and continuous cultivation from the Band's conductor, Mr CHIU Kai Keung, the Band has grown and prospered. Over the past years, the Band has received numerous accolades for its performances in various inter-school music arenas.

In 2017, our Symphonic Band has won the First Prize in the Secondary School Band Intermediate Class competition in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. 

In 2018, the Band won the Gold Award of the Intermedaite Class in Hong Kong Youth Music Interflows. They were also awarded the Grand Champion of Secondary School Classes.