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Vocal Ensemble - Madrigal

12 core members of the Senior Mixed Voice Choir, with an aim to further enhance their skills of ensembleship and vocal singing, techniques, took the initiative to form the Vocal Ensemble in 2008. Their unremitting efforts throughout these years have yielded good results. They swept the championship for a considerable number of times, and were awarded the First Prize for six consecutive years in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival.

Back in 2013, the Group exhibited outstanding singing performance and won the First Prize in the Madrigal class competition in the urban district with 95 marks.

Erhu Ensemble

Since 2004, Mr HUI Siu Man, our Erhu instructor, has been arranging various music for our students to participate in Erhu competitions in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. The Ensemble has admirable achievements, with a record of clinching seven prizes in the past years. In 2016, the ensemble was awarded the Third Prize with 90 marks.

Additionally, they were awarded the Gold Medal for their oustanding performance in the 2nd Hong Kong International Huqin Competition in 2012. The numerous competitions and performances are stages for students to perform and learn.

Pipa Ensemble

Ever since the establishment of the Pipa Ensemble in 2007, the group has obtained numerous honours in the Hong Kong Schools music Festivals under the guidance of Ms YEUNG Yi Ching, our Pipa instructor. Comprising of girls from Form 2 to Form 5, the ensemble obtained the Third Prize with 87 marks in the Music Festival in 2019.

Woodwind Ensemble

Since 2013, the woodwind ensemble has been actively participating in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Their fine performance has strengthened the cohesion among them and enabled them to strive for excellence in the future.

Brass Ensemble

Chosen exclusively from the core memebrs of the Symphonic Band, the Brass Ensemble comprises experienced players from Form 4 to Form 5. They have participated in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival five times and got three prizes. In 2013, the Ensemble won the third prize with 90 marks. The remarkable achievement has further fueled the passion of the players to strive for perfection in their performance.

Strings Ensemble

Composed of avid strings players from Form 3 to Form 5, the String Ensemble was established in 2014. With undiminishing persistence of the members, the String Ensemble has been flourishing. In 2017, they were awarded the third prize in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Their outstanding result has strengthened the cohesion of the players to aim for the finest. This priceless experience also leaves them previous memories and boundless friendship.